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Cast and Crew

Directed by                                  Scott W. Fitzgerald

Written and Produced by:          

                             Scott W. Fitzgerald & Kelly Austin

Production Design by:                           Lydia Moore

Cinematography by:                         Derrick Petrush

Directed by:                                Scott W. Fitzgerald

Assistant Director:                          James T. Moore

Script Supervisor:                            Sandra Hughey

Camera Operator:                          Jason Darnieder

1st Assistant Camera:                        Jason Berardi

Location Sound:                            Randy Sparrazza

                                                   Michael McFadden

Hair & Makeup:                                         Maly Iorio

Key Production Assistant:             Christopher Clark

Production Assistants:                            Rich Jones

                                                              Joe Brecker

                                                       Brendan Hanson

                                                              Ken Rhodes

                                                                   Ty Dibble

                                                              Javier Torres

Still Photographers:                                    Jeff Mills

Addison                Kelly Austin

Ray                 Danny Hoskins

Kate             Stephanie Sheak

Mike                    Steve Teresi

Fr. Cataldi         Steve Cataldi

Prison Guard    Jesse Conklin


A professional Project Manager by day - Steve has been acting since he was 5.   A regular with Great Lakes Productions and the Joey and Maria's dinner theatre gang - Steve is also president of the Working Class Theatre Company board of directors.

He is a bluegrass musician and was honored to help with the ending credits piece for Disingenuous.

Steve also has been Christopher Columbus in all of the Rochester - downtown Columbus day parades (where he proposed to his now wife, Carol, as she portrayed Queen Isabella).

Steve Cataldi

as Father Guido Cataldi (No Relation)

Jesse Conklin

as the Prison Guard

A very busy and popular local actor, Jesse Conklin boasts an exceptional resume. His stage accomplishments range from the classics such as Macbeth, Richard III and The Tempest to modern dramas and musicals.

In addition to gracing many stages with his characters, Jesse has been a staple in local filmmaking. His roles include a closet clown, escaped convict, grieving son and most recently, alliterating german interrogator.

Jesse offers much experience and many talents to any production he is involved in. 

Danny Hoskins is an actor, director, teacher and playwright. He has toured internationally and worked in regional theatre as an actor. Danny serves on the Board of Directors at Blackfriars Theatre and teaches acting at both SUNY Brockport and the University of Rochester.

Danny’s feature film debut was portraying Max Rivers, an alcoholic security guard in Second Story Man. The film had a successful reception at many film festivals worldwide and is in negotiations for distribution.

Danny Hoskins

Jesse Conklin

Kelly Austin

A newcomer to acting, this is Kelly’s first film role. She works as a nationally registered Cardiac Sonographer at University of Rochester Medical Center. Wife and mother of three, Kelly enjoys the outdoors as well as spending time with family and watching movies.

as Ray

as Addison

Steve Teresi

Selected for the role for his enthusiastic support of Fair Port Pictures and this project. Steve works with Kelly at URMC as an RN in Cardiology. His physical features fit the role perfectly and we are very happy to have him on the team.

as Mike the Dealer